Marathon fundraiser

Tarah runs 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to support Kenyan students

 Tarah leads a training session

 My husband Wesley Korir and I are grateful for the invaluable support that each of us received while in school. Wesley would not have finished high school without the financial support of Father Walsh who paid his school fees. The excellent coaching and encouragement I received as a young athlete provided a strong foundation for my future success as a runner. Wesley and I are passionate about using our running talents to help others.

Together with the producers of the documentary Transcend, we have established the Transcend Running Academy in Cherangany, Kenya.   This non-profit academy provides academic, athletic, and leadership training to promising young athletes whose families cannot afford to pay the fees necessary to attend high school.

I invite you to help me raise enough money to provide scholarships for twenty Kenyan students. Your financial support will make it possible for these students to attend the Transcend Running Academy and develop their abilities. By empowering these students, we hope that they will become leaders within their communities, helping to overcome poverty in Cherangany, Kenya.

Please  consider  supporting Kenyan students by sponsoring me as I run the my first marathon.

Please help me reach my goal of $10,000 with one of the following donations.  

  • $500 – supports a student in Kenya for 1 year

  • $383 – representing 1 mile of  a 26.2 mile marathon

  • $237 – representing 1 km of a 42.1 km marathon

  • $100 – representing 1% of my $10,000 goal

  •  $42.10 – representing $1 per km of the marathon

  •  $26.20 – representing $1 per mile of the marathon

  • $20 – (minimum amount to receive a tax receipt)


*We are a 501(c)3 corporation in the United States.  If you are Canadian please make a donation through our Canadian foundation at