Affordable Healthcare

One other major concern we have noticed recently is the difficulty in providing affordable healthcare. Although we have opened a hospital many of the poorest people are still unable to afford the services offered there. We would like to begin a program where people can sign up to be members for a low cost of possibly around 50 shillings a month and then be able to receive basic medical treatment

for free when they need it. However, if any serious medical costs come up this pool may still not be enough to cover the costs. Kenyans often have fundraisers called harambees after the fact to raise money for the cost of an outstanding medical bill but many services are not offered in a timely manner unless you can pay the cost upfront. We would like to also ask for your donations to help cover expensive medical costs like X-rays, catscans and surgery. We are hoping to make some changes to our website to enable donors to donate to the specific cause which speaks to them. However in the meantime, please contact us to let us know if you would like your donation to go to a specific cause.

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